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Cosmetic Intern / [cosmetique / affaires reglementaires]

Industry: European CE Compliance

Position: Cosmetic Intern


Duration: 1 year

Cosmetologist Intern (CI):

European Regulatory Affairs Consultancy:

The Cosmetologist Intern will take part in the consultation of clients in reference to their products’ technologies, innovations and unique formulations, while also being active in the classification and regulatory solutions of different products and borderline products. Overall, these processes require diligence and creativity with an international look as well as superior analytical skills. A background in Cosmetology, Pharmacy, Biology, Natural Sciences, Chemistry, and similar disciplines will be an obvious benefit.

Quality Assurance Management:

The Cosmetologist Intern will be responsible for reviewing, for ensuring regulatory compliance and for the quality assurance of all technical documentation received from clients – mainly in the sector of the Biotechnology system such as medical devices and in-vitro diagnostic devices, cosmetics, food supplements and many more. Supporting the clients, analyzing their products’ compliance under the essential requirements of the applicable regulation and implementing them into the internal process, as well as other vital tasks, will be a daily practice. The RN Intern will regularly work with clientele from over 35 countries around the world, Quality Managers, Assessors, Inspectors and European Ministries.

Notification Procedures Management:

Upon completion of the quality control of the technical documentation, The RN Intern will work directly with European Ministries in order to successfully submit the notification files containing the products to be placed onto the European market by the clients. Additionally, the position will require high organizational skills with the ability to prepare for control and audits by various European Competent Authorities. The RN Intern will be expected to seek to develop & improve the Compliance Verification and Notification Process. The ability to learn quickly, to prioritize tasks, and an enthusiasm and curiosity for new and unfamiliar topics will aid this intern to perform his duties efficiently and effectively.


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